Thursday, September 06, 2007

A whole nuther year gone by

Well, first day of school has come and whomped me upside the head, again! Holy Cow!!! how did I get to be the mama of such a big girl??? Where did that little curly headed creature who wore shiney purple sneakers and munched on banana chips go??? Where is my little barefoot angel, the one who stripped off her swim suit so that she could FEEL THE WAHTA MAMA! She has blossomed into a child of imagination and swirling emotions, of ethics and dominion over her own self. Wow. So she has begun the journey into upper elementary, and I watch from even further up the bleachers...happy to watch and not cry, most of the time. This may be the last september I ever get to have a little one around my ankles all day long, though I'm not making any bets on that!

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