Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mac's Back!!

It is SO nice to have the mac back home - they re-replaced the superdrive, the logic board, the plug was a fairly large job ($ wise, anyway - boy am I glad I got the mac care extended warrantee, but I gotta say - spend this much on a machine, it SHOULD be fixed for free! It BROKE didn't it!). Sooo nice.

I've been keeping up with most stuff on JAC's pc, which I must admit has been worry free and easy. One thing that came up was which is a totally cool search engine that lets you share notebooks of saved (bookmarked) sites with others online! Wow! Go try it!

I finally got to upload the pictures from my new Cannon Elph SD1000, which is such a fun little camera! I haven't really played around with the settings too much yet, but it sure is FUN!

Here's one from the first 2 days while in NYC:

Dad and Ori having lunch in Bryant Park

Ori on the Merry Go Round... that's about as as happy as he got...

Beca on the train.

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Karen said...

wow! Orin looks like such a little MAN in that 1st pic! I can't believe how "old" he looks!