Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 again

Six years ago, little girl of 3 thought Grandma and Poppy's apartment was burning in New York City...but it wasn't their apartment. It was our invulnerability. And since then?

This nearly left me blubbering (I definitely cried!), and this was beautiful and frightening and poetic.

I don't want to harp, because I don't think it will help me, or you. But I don't feel we've done the right thing. I don't feel we are any safer now than we were. I don't feel we are fair or just, and I think we are making the situation worse in places like Iraq. I don't think there is much love lost between many nations and our own, because we are so damned sure that we are RIGHT...or is that righteous... I am only afraid that 9/11 will occur again because we don't send out love, we send out control.

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