Sunday, April 16, 2006


I suck big time for this being such a loooong gap in postings. Things have been busy, with a real bi-ped on our hands who loves to investigate, take apart, taste, climb, and otherwise keep his mama busy.

I've taken up knitting with a real passion, so far I've made a very nice scarf, an elf hat for JAC, mittens and a balaclava for Beca, a bib for Ori, and working on the needles is an awesome cute fall sweater for Ori. He'll also get a jacket/hat set that I'll probably work on this summer (with Shirley near-by to help lol).

We've got some yard work left to do but got some new planters and motivated JAC to build some rectangular ones that I can use for herbs on the deck. Also making some plans to extend the deck, which will be awesome once it's aligned with the hot tub. :D Ideally I'd like to see it encompass the HT, going around on 3 sides. The 4th side (facing the house) needs to be left open so that we can access the pumps and stuff.

To hit some highlights -

we took a nice long weekend trip to Boston, staying at the Langham Hotel right downtown. VERY cool stay, and a nice relax. We had a Mass/NY reunion with Sheri & Bill, Laura & Larry, and all the kids. Sheri looks awesome preggo - tho at the time we didn't know it was with TWINS!!! Laura has lost a ton of lbs and looks like she's going to blow away in the wind... but she looks fab., and maybe I'm just jealous lol!

Jerry and I asked Jacky to babysit for us in Feb and we took our Anniversary night out to see Phantom of the Opera at Proctors Theater. VERY fun time! :D

Jerry brought me flowers and candies for Valentines Day, which is not only unprecedented, but WOAH - he REMEMBERED it was valentine's day! I was duly impressed. :-)

We incurred major repairs - again - on the Volvo, so I decided it was time to replace the much loved Black Sky with a new vehicle. Say hello to Babs! We sure are loving the space, it gets the same or better mileage, and so far - knock wood - no problems!

Beca did a report on Canada for the Cultural Fair at WHMS. It was fun, tho getting her to finish tasks is still challenging. She enjoyed the Fair a lot, and so did we all!

I've been doing quite a bit of work for Honest Weight Food Coop, including both Smoothie Events for WHMS, and an upcoming Fruit/veg sculpting session (not too sure what this is about, actually). Also been to a couple of fairs, and will be working next weekend (Earth Day) at the GMO awareness table. Orin and I canvassed the NY State Senators and Reps. for a group Lobby Day, which was fun and educational. He made a lot of friends there, I'll say! He was the littlest lobbiest who could push a baby-cart. Very sweet.

I've been doing some knit-wit days with Lori, Brig and - in theory - Lynn. She hasn't actually made one of our meet ups, yet, but she's with us in spirit!

I've decided to get cracking on working on my book again - I met a woman who will be helping me get a writer's group started in this area. She's working on some stuff too, so it'll be great for us both. Hopefully we can elicit a couple more people and get a good working group going! Wish me luck!

Jerry blew his knee out back in January, which it looks like will probably need some medicalization. Possibly surgery. Not looking forward to that, but this too, we shall survive.

April Fools we went down to Westchester for Liana Sasloff's birthday and party, just Beca and I. Jerry and Ori stayed home ALL DAY together. It was a LOOOONG day for Jerry, but he did great. The baby survived too lol! That inspired me to start night weaning Ori. He's been waking up on average 3 times a night to nurse, but he really doesn't need it, more a comfort thing. I started slowly, sleeping with him the whole night, but not nursing when he woke, then moving from his bed to mine to start the night, and only coming in after the 2nd waking. Now, week 2, he does sleep through the night 8pm until 6:30 or 7AM. Sometimes he does wake at 4/5, and I just go and nurse and cuddle him until it's time to get up - or until he just won't sleep any more ha ha. So I'm finally getting some really decent sleep, which is making my life a LOT better!

We celebrated my birthday this past weekend with a weekend long love fest. We spent all day Saturday doing yard stuff - Ori got a little climbing structure, fixing up the big gym so that he can't climb up there anymore, and cleaning up. Then we went to a Passover dinner at FUUSA which we all really enjoyed. Even Ori did well! Today we woke early and did easter egg hiding, and then easter egg finding! Beca found them all - with a little help. Ori even found some! Then Ori and I went and napped, and Beca and daddy wrapped up my birthday gifts and did a hunt in the backyard - with Beca to guide me hot hot hot cold, I found everything and really had a fun time, too! Thanks guys!!! I got some great new kitchen stuff, and some wool, and Beca made me a necklace! :D VERY happy me!

Well, hopefully I'll have time for picture adding later on...for now, at least you are updated on our world. Thanks for checking in!