Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thanks Jeni!

I found this on a friend's blog (well, the link to the thread it's in anyway!) and honestly LOL!

There are other funny ones on this link, too. What a hoot!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Oh WOW did Beca and I ever have a GREAT day today! We met Sheri and Christopher at Six Flags New England at 10:30 (bit before, actually - we were both early!) and played played played all day! Aside from gas on the debit card, everything was within budget, and we really had a great bonding time. We played TONS in the water park (about 4 1/2 hrs.) and rode on a zillion rides. We won basketballs and stuffed animals, enjoyed decent food, and really had a ball together. It was nice to share half the day with our friends, and nice to have some time just for us, too. :D Pics to follow!

Monday, August 20, 2007

There's something wrong with this picture!

There is something seriously wrong with a species who routinely does this to (and laughs at) their own doing this kind of stuff. We watched Bush's brain, and I gotta say, it is something that Karl would seriously enjoy. BLEH!

Beca has a busy week this week (which means so does Taxi Mom). Tennis camp all week in the mornings. Then:

Monday playdate with Merishka
Tuesday dentist
Wednesday Playdate with Katherine
Thursday I can't remember but there's something...
Friday Playdate with Maria and then Party at Zero Gravity (please let Jeremy's birhtday gift come in the mail SOON!)

Meanwhile, I have a bunch of girl scout stuff to do, including talk with Michou and Pam about Beca. :( Not looking forward to that. A 5pm mtg on Wed. (probably with kids) and Thursday is writing group at the library. Would be nicer if I had some writing material to share. :( LAME. I will have to come up with something and just wing it when I get there, rather than getting really good comments. Sigh.

But hey - life is cheap, right? write about it, get a laugh out of it, it's all good.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

We knew them first.

I asked Beca today why she thought that the US has Thanksgiving celebration 3 weeks after Canada. Here's her answer.

Well, when the white men first came to the US, they met Native Americans. When the Canadians decided to have their Thanksgiving, it was after us, because it took a while for them to meet the Native Americans, since they're not in America.


Friday, August 17, 2007


LOTS of catch up to do on here - I'm still working on the pictures (wheedling it down to manageable numbers, cropping, etc.). My trusty Fuji has almost kicked the bucket, so many of them are not in great shape (the pictures, that is). So soon...

Meanwhile, here's a fun thing to do!

Lastly, it is GREAT being home. Now I just need to put myself to bed at a more reasonable time! These 1-2am bedtimes are going to wipe this old lady out! :D

Monday, August 13, 2007


Gathering ofthe vibes... kind of mixed vibes, people! The music and scene and people were awesome as ALWAYS. The food was maybe not quite as good. There were showers (long line) and toilets (eh) and family camping, which was shady and treed. IF we'd been able to car camp, we'd have had a hammock, table and chairs, stove, food, coolers, etc. Buuuuuut...we couldn't. We didn't know until we arrived that we'd have to schlep every item we wanted at camp onto a school bus (20 min ride each way unless your driver stops for coffee and donuts in the sizzling mid day heat for an extra 10 min.), and over a MILE from car to camp total. That's a mile of schlepping, not including the bus ride. TOTALLY lame. I was so very disapointed. We literally had to throw every single thing into JAC's pack that we wanted, consolidate our huge cooler into Jackie and Mike's smaller one, which was ok, but we lost about $50 worth of food that spoiled in the car, while we spent $200 on MORE food (ok, food, hats, crystals, hair wraps, beer, etc.). So overall? VERY mixed feelings. The music wasn't knock my socks off wonderful, but just getting together with the hippies is always such a lot of fun. Maybe I'm getting too old to appreciate it like I did when I was 20? Well, that could be. I ain't twice twenty for nothing!

Friday, August 10, 2007

We Need VIBES!!!

We're at the Holiday Inn in Danbury CT now, we drove here in time to order Chinese Food (yummy) and go for a swim. But it's 60F and rainy all day, so nix the swim, and double the chinese food. Ori is still bouncing around, he slept in the car from 5pm till 6:45pm. Yikes! Beca has been puking since about 5:30, she's puked out the window of the car, into plastic bags, into the toilet, and once into the ice bucket. Think we can take that with us when we leave? What about the puked on towel from the HI bathroom? Ugly... Hopefully when she wakes in the AM shes feeling a ton better. Hold thumbs!

Future post to detail the family reunion, the rest of the trip home, and the amazing beach days in Canada! I'll try to get some pics up, but first I have to upload them onto Flickr and then move them around. Sigh. Nothing's easy.

Bad news? Our trusty Fuji Camera is busted. It's not unsuable ... yet ... but it's hard to turn on/off and the focus is rotten. So hopefully I'll find 1500 and go get myself a nice new DSLR. Maybe when I talk to Mark Farley he'll tell me we just won the jackpot at Home Depot? HA! Hey, a girl's gotta try.

In themeantime, send us your vibes that she makes a full recovery by tomorrow. Otherwise we're Albany bound in the AM, not Bridgeport bound. :D