Monday, August 13, 2007


Gathering ofthe vibes... kind of mixed vibes, people! The music and scene and people were awesome as ALWAYS. The food was maybe not quite as good. There were showers (long line) and toilets (eh) and family camping, which was shady and treed. IF we'd been able to car camp, we'd have had a hammock, table and chairs, stove, food, coolers, etc. Buuuuuut...we couldn't. We didn't know until we arrived that we'd have to schlep every item we wanted at camp onto a school bus (20 min ride each way unless your driver stops for coffee and donuts in the sizzling mid day heat for an extra 10 min.), and over a MILE from car to camp total. That's a mile of schlepping, not including the bus ride. TOTALLY lame. I was so very disapointed. We literally had to throw every single thing into JAC's pack that we wanted, consolidate our huge cooler into Jackie and Mike's smaller one, which was ok, but we lost about $50 worth of food that spoiled in the car, while we spent $200 on MORE food (ok, food, hats, crystals, hair wraps, beer, etc.). So overall? VERY mixed feelings. The music wasn't knock my socks off wonderful, but just getting together with the hippies is always such a lot of fun. Maybe I'm getting too old to appreciate it like I did when I was 20? Well, that could be. I ain't twice twenty for nothing!

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