Monday, August 20, 2007

There's something wrong with this picture!

There is something seriously wrong with a species who routinely does this to (and laughs at) their own doing this kind of stuff. We watched Bush's brain, and I gotta say, it is something that Karl would seriously enjoy. BLEH!

Beca has a busy week this week (which means so does Taxi Mom). Tennis camp all week in the mornings. Then:

Monday playdate with Merishka
Tuesday dentist
Wednesday Playdate with Katherine
Thursday I can't remember but there's something...
Friday Playdate with Maria and then Party at Zero Gravity (please let Jeremy's birhtday gift come in the mail SOON!)

Meanwhile, I have a bunch of girl scout stuff to do, including talk with Michou and Pam about Beca. :( Not looking forward to that. A 5pm mtg on Wed. (probably with kids) and Thursday is writing group at the library. Would be nicer if I had some writing material to share. :( LAME. I will have to come up with something and just wing it when I get there, rather than getting really good comments. Sigh.

But hey - life is cheap, right? write about it, get a laugh out of it, it's all good.

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