Friday, August 10, 2007

We Need VIBES!!!

We're at the Holiday Inn in Danbury CT now, we drove here in time to order Chinese Food (yummy) and go for a swim. But it's 60F and rainy all day, so nix the swim, and double the chinese food. Ori is still bouncing around, he slept in the car from 5pm till 6:45pm. Yikes! Beca has been puking since about 5:30, she's puked out the window of the car, into plastic bags, into the toilet, and once into the ice bucket. Think we can take that with us when we leave? What about the puked on towel from the HI bathroom? Ugly... Hopefully when she wakes in the AM shes feeling a ton better. Hold thumbs!

Future post to detail the family reunion, the rest of the trip home, and the amazing beach days in Canada! I'll try to get some pics up, but first I have to upload them onto Flickr and then move them around. Sigh. Nothing's easy.

Bad news? Our trusty Fuji Camera is busted. It's not unsuable ... yet ... but it's hard to turn on/off and the focus is rotten. So hopefully I'll find 1500 and go get myself a nice new DSLR. Maybe when I talk to Mark Farley he'll tell me we just won the jackpot at Home Depot? HA! Hey, a girl's gotta try.

In themeantime, send us your vibes that she makes a full recovery by tomorrow. Otherwise we're Albany bound in the AM, not Bridgeport bound. :D

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