Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hopng for health

Nearly 10 days later, and we are now having a healthier time of it. Ori and Beca both woke in the night Monday/Tuesday night puking and crying and needing mamamamamamamamamamama. Ugh. I tell ya, the benes for this job are seriously not cutting it. I need some vacation time! So, by this afternoon, Beca had slept a lot and was feeling better, and O...well, he was still whiney and complainey but seemed to be feeling ok. We'll see. He missed art class on Tues. (again), which was sad, but hopefully we can make the next week ones and catch up by one class. Tomorrow we get to go talk with the orthodontist and see how much her brace/expander work is going to hurt us. UGH! Friday I'm getting snow tires put onto the Honda - hopefully that will make the slippage problem nonexistent. That was SCARY last year, coming back from Jimminy and sliding around on those narrow roads...YIKES! Getting the Blizzaks, so hopefully not to be an issue. Of course this means we'll get next to no snow this year lol!

This weekend we've got the holiday party at Jackie and Mike's place on Saturday, which we've all been looking forward to a ton! We've got our gifts, though three of them still need wrapping lol! The weekend after we're going down to manhattan for mom's birthday - hopefully we'll get to squeeze in a movie and some window shopping!

We've finally got our own tree up, and I'm really liking it this year. A true fir, it smells divine and is very full and beautiful. Pictures will, once again, not do it justice, but I will take them as we move along in our tree-decorating.

Chanukah starts on Friday night - very exciting! I still have a ton of wrapping to do for that, but I've decided that it's only going to be one gift per kid per night, no exceptions. Christmas will be more, but not a TON (since they already got a bunch!), plus their stocking. And I'm looking forward to getting to use my pretty new candle holder thingee for solstice. :D So the holidays are looking up! Tomorrow I'm going to the butcher to see whether we can't get a nice chunk of ham for christmas. Not sure about solstice, but I'll get a nice big roast chicken for Chanukah - and LATKES!!! YUMMMMM! And this year I'm going to make the applesauce ahead of time, so it's nice and cold for the latkes. :-)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Still sick after all these weeks

Well, we're into the 1st week of December, and the first snow has flown (though admitedly not a heck of a lot of it), the boys are sick here, and have been for a long time! Poor O has had a cough pretty steadily since mid November. And JAC has stayed home 2 days now - unprecedented, really. He's been sick since last Thursday! I have one photo of the two of them together, sick as dogs. I'll post that up when there's more than 30 seconds to make a post. Hopefully the winter turns around a bit and people get and stay healthy around here! Luckily Beca and I have both held our own in the healthy department.