Sunday, August 03, 2008

Negotiating potholes

This weekend seems to have brought more than our fare share of potholes (life's, not the road's). On Friday, we got a call from the ToB's insurance assessor, who will be coming out to assess damages on Wed. morning. What to do!? Put things back, or not? So we've put enough things back to use the washer/dryer (thank goodness!), have our 'pantry' set up, and use the deep freeze. JAC has about 1/2 of his workbench back, which is somewhat useful, but the toys and stuff are still all stacked up. Do we get an estimate or 3 for repairing the damage? Do we find out how much a sump pump will cost to have installed (with battery backup?). No clear answers...

On Saturday Katherine came for a sleepover, inspiring B to want to take up cheer leading. Where's the eye-popping smilie??? I don't think it's completely inappropriate, but it IS a stretch for me, who has moved so far from mainstream to condone cheer leading as an appropriate after-school activity. And it means giving up (at least temporarily) Aikido, which both JAC and I feel is really super useful for her. AND it's 4x/week for the next 4 weeks, then it's 2x/week for 11 weeks, plus weekend games and competitions. WHERE's that smilie? So negotiations began. It wasn't all pretty, but we've agreed that she has to reach purple belt (about 2 more years) before she can quit Aikido, and that cheer will be an option at that time. Additionally, she has to have awesome school work and be doing her chores regularly at home before she's up for consideration. It's my hope that by then she's too far behind the gang to start it...though I'm sure she'll hold that against me/us.

On Sunday I decided that sitting at the pool w/Ori climbing on me for 2+hrs. every day for the next five days (even with all the books, puzzles, games, cars, etc. that I bring each time) is just NOT working for me. So I went to WF (wallfart) and picked up a DS with a few games. Since B left the PSP on the train in NYC, I figured out a way to get through the next few months w/out her sneaking/lying about the DS - she can't use it at ALL until Oct. 16th. After that, she can EARN it and use it WITH PERMISSION from JAC or me.

Next we negotiate with Ori about riding his bike in the street (as his neighbor friends and sister do), because at 3 he's the youngest, least experienced rider. They do look out for him, but given his attitude, it does take a parent to keep him safe.

These kinds of potholes can sure sap the life outta your tires.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Bare Bottom Blues

Well, I'd LOVE to be here typing about how my dh and I have been at it so often, with such vigor, that I have a sore bottom! But alas, I am here to report that our basement flooded. The storm sewer pipes backed up, and the french drains flooded. UGLY. I called the Town to complain, and they (Pat?) submitted a claim to their insurance company! So maybe *hopefully* possibly some of the costs will be covered. When I find the camera, I'll be sure to post up some of the pictures (I did take a lot) of the damage. Poor little legos and thomas tanks, floating around with the bugs and pesticides. BLEH!

B has had a week of swim/dive lessons, now, and she's looking good! Aside from her gorgeous tan, and the amazing teeth with no braces or expanders, (see: before

and after!)

she is just looking AMAZING up there! She is diving (but not flipping yet) from the high and low dives, and making herself proud. Ori is also spending a lot of extra time in the drink, and getting great at jumping into the deep pool w/out being 'caught' before going in the water! This is a big step for him. I find that the best time is later in the afternoon, when it's HOT out, and he's not as shy of the cool water. Silly little bear is still so sensitive to the cold!

JAC is doing lots of hydrotherapy, walking and swimming in the pool too. He has WAY more range of motion, now, though he's not w/out some discomfort in and out of chairs and cars etc. He's using one crutch while he's out, but otherwise, just the pressure stocking to help keep his blood from pooling. It's nice to see his foot and leg looking normal - all the discoloration is gone, and the only real swelling visible now is actually on/just above his knee. Awesome! Eleven weeks post surgery today, and it's clear that by 4-5 mos he should have very close to full range of motion back. :D

Tonight we went to the Town Pool to do a 'dive in', which was our first! We saw Surf's Up, which of course we own, but it was REALLY fun to watch it with like 100 other locals. Everyone was sharing the vino, blankets, wet towels, and kids - it was super nice. K. is sleeping over w/Beca tonight (they're upstairs making friendship bracelets with the beads), 15 minutes till lights out (11pm). It's awesome to see how many nice friends she has now - it has taken some time, but I think she has really found a nice niche for herself. YAY!