Monday, July 23, 2007


Ok, on the shores of Lake Erie, it's SO amazing here! The sun today was bright and warm, but not hot, and there was a good breeze all day. We left home yesterday around 11am, and around 1:30 we had a nice big flat tire. Ouch! So we got that changed up, and smooched along the highway a bit, and drank a beer, and the kids were stuck in the van, and then onward to the campground for the night. Nice enough place, though off the beaten track by 45 minutes or so! It's about 25 min from Alfred, which is about 20 min from anything lol! Beautiful if harsh country. Lovely hills and the Allegheny Plateau makes for lots of varied ecosystems there. A few dead Elms, lots of nice people, and some very poor towns...I wanted badly to stop and take pictures, but there is NO way we'd make camp that night before dinner if I got to do that! So I settled for reading most of the new Harry Potter book, instead. THAT was a fun read! Anyway, we made a nice camp last night, had some fried chicken and turkey sausage with garlic french beans and salad for supper, and a nice kip for the night.

This morning we were on the road by 10:30, which made a huge difference. We traveled about 40 miles less today, but got here 2 hrs. earlier. Same 1 hr. for lunch, 2 fuel stops, (getting about 200+/- mptank or about 10mpg hauling this thing!), but that extra hour in the AM made a huge difference. Ori has napped both days, which is pleasant. Beca, as usual, is an AWESOME traveler! She is fun and high spirited and cuddly and easy to be around. I am really enjoying her, and enjoying being with her.

The campground here is fine - easy to get to, lots of kids, pool, games, close to town and amusement park/water park. We're hooked into water, sewer and electric, so it's really just like home. YAY!

Tomorrow we are off to the rollercoasters! So hopefully more to report after ... if we all survive!

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