Friday, July 20, 2007

Deathly Tired

Well, we finally got our copy of the book - it looks like 759 fabulous pages! Well, long ones, anyway! I'm PSYCHED! We had a great time, Beca and I, at the line up at I Love Books here in town. The local drama group from the HS did improv and Beca got to do some with them! She LOVED it! We did most of the wait with both Ceillie and her Dad Mike (Mom Karen reading magazines with Zeph conked in the van), and Dan and Julia (Fiona and Lynn wen thome about 11:30 for some much needed sleeeeeeeeeep). So now I am going to go read the very first chapter, move the laundry yet again (at least all the diapers are washed!), and hit the hay. JAC goes to Saratoga very early, but that means he may make it back for a bit of our afternoon frenzy. Getting ready for this big trip is a TRIP! I will certainly have earned a vacation after all the washing and prepping, moving of foods and household items etc. to get the trailer really ready. Ori's stuff is all ready (I think! Come to think of it, his toothbrushing stuff isn't in there yet, but ok, that'll come on Sun. AM), and probably enough food stuff that we wouldn't have to get too much more. But it'd be nice to have some breakfast cereal, honey and condiments, too. ;-)

Our itinerary:

1st stop in W. NY (Breezy Point)
nights 2,3 and 4 at Cedar Point/Sandusky
night 5 in Bay City Michigan
Nights 6,7, and 8 at St. Ignace/Mackinaw Island
Nights 9 and 10 in Terrance Bay on Lake Superior )Neys Provincial Park_
Nights 11 and 12 in North Western Ontario (Aaron Provincial Park)
13 and 14 are at the family reunion in Portage La Prairie
15 is in St. Cloud Minnesota
16 is in Northern Illinois
17 is near Sandusky again, right on the lake
and 18 and 19 are HOME!!! It'll be nice to sleep in our own beds for a change!
20 is in Bridgeport at the Gathering of the Vibes
And that's all she wrote for our vacation this year! I'm REALLY excited about it - I think it'll be lots to do and see and lots of chill time too. :D YAY!

Ok, seriously, going to go read Ch. 1. I just can't wait a moment longer!!!

First words of the new book: "The two men appeared out of nowhere...".

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