Sunday, July 15, 2007


Oh my how it gets chaotic so QUICKLY! The house just seems so FULL ... of crap ... laundry piled up downstairs, toys piled up on the main floor (although there is only supposed to be one room with toys in them), we leave in ONE WEEK and have to have clothes packed for both the trip (1 weeks worth plus spares) AND GOTV for the weekend after. YIKES! So I guess that's priority #1. Priority #2? Get the trailer up and going. I have stuff coming in from Sheri and Lisa, and have most of the rest of it here or there already, I just feel so UNready! I guess to some degree it'll just be that Saturday - assuming we have laundry done - that we have to move stuff like blankets and pillows, pots and pans etc., because I'm just not going to buy all that over again. Using all our own stuff is a really nice way to do it, but it's a bit more hassle, more chaos. Gessh.

We did manage to get Nesh here for a few hrs. on Frieday night (after rescuing Boo!) and we went to see Order of the Phoenix at the Jericho Drive-In. WHEEEEE! I enjoyed it a ton! Mostly I enjoyed full hrs. of my honey all to myself. :D T'was awesome. The movie? T'was good. Not awesome. But good. Maybe the HBP will be better...

We have reservations for the first week of our trip - I still need to book resvs for the LAST week - the week inbetween? Mostly in Canada, at the reunion, etc. So I'm much less worried. We'll find a nice lake somewhere - by the time we get that far we're nearly there! Well, nearly. ;-)

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