Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So a storm came through, not the worst, but quite a few trees came down, and WHAMMIE! The power is gone for 20+ hours. How lame! Well, it made for a few good pictures. And some nice family time. Beca and I did knitting and played some games, and Ori danced through the sprinkler a lot. And we got our errands done - the ones where the shops were open! Quite a few were shut down because they didn't have power either. Oh well. Ya do what you can!

Trucks in action - the town had to clear the really bad stuff this morning.

Detour at the undamaged end of the street.

Detour at the damaged end. That tree just folded under the wind.

Whoops! That's bad.

A lot of trucks, but it still took over 20 hours to get power back on pretty much all over the capital district (more than 15 towns w/out power). Jason said they didn't lose power last night, but they did late this morning. Lucky we got power back - he's bringing Boo over tomorrow!

Tonight B starts back at Aikido. I think she actually missed it! That's a GREAT sign!

Russ is likely to be in Ithaca by now - he left this morning (and who wouldn't, given that he doesn't have to hang out here w/no AC, 90F heat, high humidity, 2 crazy kids,and no power!). Enjoy the rest of your vacation Russ, and I hope your foot is better soon!

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