Thursday, July 05, 2007

Just Passing Through...

Jerry is on the Wet Coast, hopefully his passport is DONE. He sure went READY, everything tickity boo, signed, sealed and just had to be delivered! He said everyone at the Surry office was super nice and worked with him as much as they possibly could have. So ... fingers crossed ... this morning he walked outta there with his new passport! I wont mention what the rest of his day was like, just in case he didn't get his luggage delivered and you happen to be sitting next to him just now... but it couldn't have been less than STRESSFUL!

MEantime, it's super quiet here. Me, Russ and Ori. And Zami. Hardly deserves a mention, except that Russ has damaged his carpels somehow and is going to the foot doctor tomorrow afternoon, instead of taking a train down to NYC. Poor Russ. He's getting some good reading done, though!

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