Monday, September 10, 2007

I keep forgetting

Today was one of those days... Things were just happening in my head so fast! I had the whole morning with Ori to clean out the downstairs toys (YAY!) and do laundry - ALL the laundry. I'm one big load (or two smaller) short of finishing, but I did a LOT of laundry!

I had ideas today - ideas about my book, ideas about JAC's new manifesting job, ideas about cameras, ideas! I felt overwhelmed, a few times, 'cause I just don't have an outlet for this much energy! I can't get online often enough for me, and it's all too often for my kids, and ... well, ... finding that balance is hard.

So although I got a lot done today (house power washed, laundry, cleaning out the toys, breakfast, lunch, two snacks, and dinner made, photos taken, photos printed, finished edits, titled, and sent in my Nut. Ed. article for the Coop Scoop in Oct., picked up JAC and took him to the dentist, got the # for the endodontist to make appt. for him, arranged for drop off for me tomorrow so JAC can pick up Ori at WHMS and be home in time to get Beca etc.) - I still don't feel like anything really got DONE. Plus, the house is just trashed. And tomorrow AM is shopping day (coop and PC) and I still need to get printer ink and a chair mat at staples. Sigh.

Also can't find the Y swim class at a time that is just PERFECT.

I did get a bit of reading done while B was at class...and my Love and Tea came today! My moon time tea is Ahhhhhhhbsolutely Vunderful, Dahling! Really, it makes me just feel better. And I had a nice 30 min chat with Nicholas' mom in class today - which is nice. Boy, is she a smart cookie!

Ok, so all in all a good day, with a lot of energy floating around, and I'm not real really glad, because it's all good! But it'd be nice to understand it more too. ;-0

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