Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sleeping through a milestone

Last night, Theresa and Dave took Ori and Beca (along with 5 of their 6 kids) for a slumber party. WOW! JAC and I went out to dinner (Carrabbas) and spent THREE HOURS drinking wine and eating Calamari and good Italian food. We came home and watched the end of a GREAT Yankees game, walked Zami, and slept soundly until 9am. Holy Moly! We are like different people this morning! What a lovely lovely thing to give to someone - so a great big THANK YOU to Theresa and Dave (and Christopher who gave up his bed for Ori), and now the search is on... for whom do we pay it forward??? Several families come to mind... :D This is BETTER than a babysitting coop! Theresa said he cried for a very short time, maybe 2-3 min., and she went upstairs to pat his back. He cried that he didn't want to lie down, and she said he could just sit up. So he did. She suggested that he be very quiet so that Joey (HIS Joey!) didn't wake up, and he quieted right down. The next she saw or heard from him was 6:30am! Wow! What a great leap for him!

In other news - Ori is really getting the potty thing now. If he has any kind of pants on, he will still pee in them, but nakey butt he's doing everything in the potty - or outside. So long as the weather holds I'm happy leaving him naked and playing outside - but I think next week it's supposed to get colder again, and I'm not sure whether the house will, in general, be warm enough for him naked (with a shirt)... we'll see. He used diapers at Theresa and Dave's, and was happy to do so. But I'm really REALLY ready for him to be DONE with diapers. Then we sell off the lot of what we have, and that will pay for the NEW ERGO I've ordered!!! I'm SO THRILLED that I could figure out a way to get it from Europe! David Lee is helping, and hopefully it comes SOON! I definitely think it's the right thing to do. I do not want to stop wearing him anytime soon, but he's getting too big for the mei tai if I have any distance to walk. It's a beautiful green color, and is made from organic cotton. I'm much happier with it than with the non-organic one with the cool retro print. I just LOVE the green! Here's a picture from their website. I do actually really like that chocolate brown, too, but the GREEN! Wow - it's just like jade green, which is my very favorite green. And totally neutral, so easy for resale. I'm just THRILLED! I guess it'll be closer to a month before we see it, but I am very very looking forward to using it!

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