Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Somewhat disturbing news

Today I got an email from a gal who said - "...hey, go check this out! It's SO COOL! I could like totally play this on a permanent loop at my house lol!" I hesitate even to post it here, because, well, it means generating more hits for the author. But I will, and then you can see if you agree with my further musings.

Before I rant on about what bothers me, I'll go on record saying I do like a bunch of it. I think I like best that she has brought into the rant her love for children, and her ability to pick out the stuff that really drives mom's crazy. I can clearly remember my mom having flip outs over the mess in my room...and occasionally I really hate walking into Beca's room to read to her at night. In fact, we are to the point where I don't go in there on purpose, even though it makes me feel bad. I leave her laundry outside the door, I don't go in to tuck her in to sleep. I just hate the mess! In many ways, it reminds me of the millions of seconds, hundreds of thousands of minutes, thousands of hours, hundreds of days I have spent looking for: homework, books, keys, other people's stuff, wallets, glasses, bras, clean clothes in general, dirty clothes clean enough to wear, paperwork sent to me by doctors and dentists, schools, camps and lessons of various kinds, bills, flashlights, software, glasses of water, and a lot (I mean a LOT) of other stuff that just gets sucked into the void of THE MESS. So I see her in the same place, and I'm having a very hard time embracing it. I'm having a hard time embracing a lot of things about poor B at this moment, but this one is a biggee.

So - most of the vid is fine, and I can appreciate why she did it and that it's almost sort of funny. But the whole ending really pisses me off. A lot. I just don't like that she has taken this mainstream bs and a) feels it's ok b) moves it on into the slipstream of youtube watchers as RIGHT somehow, and c) that this woman, the one I got the email from, whom I truly admire for her homeschooling patience and knowledge, her wisdom in all things gifted for children, and on several other fronts where she reaches heights in volunteerism, and here she is PROMOTING this crap! This is disturbing to me because I have always been so freaking BLACK AND WHITE about these issues (which I'm working on) and I just have too hard a time separating the stuff I love about her from the stuff I really despise about her. Yesterday I didn't despise anything about her, today, I despise that she finds this funny, useful and applicable to her own life.

Ok - I'm going to be zen here and say maybe this is all a bit of a joke, and she doesn't REALLY have any of the bad stuff going on in her own home (because I'm THE MOMMY, THAT'S why) - she's just poking fun at mainstream parents? Maybe I'm overthinking it. But it is disturbing to me, and I hope that if you have gone and listened to it, that you do NOT go back and listen again. It isn't worth it.

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