Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 4

Well, day 4 of potty learning was...interesting. He made a total of FIVE poops, four in the potty and one in trainers. Of COURSE he poops in the trainers w/out the snaps. I wasn't expecting it at 3pm - usually he's an AM and late afternoon pooper. Yesterday we had the leftover lasagne from last weekend. I think we got the dairy one, because he had super runny poop (even in the potty), and he had the tell tale red ring. :-( Well, better to know! Beca can finish it! So pretty much every time we had trainers on, he peed in them. All of his pees at home (save one while he was playing with water in the kitchen sink) were in the potty, but here he goes nakey butt. So: while nakey butt, he has a great than 90% rate. With trainers on that drops precipitously to about 25%. Out and about he is batting 0, but most of our trips out have been short and sweet - under 1hr., and in those situations he's been FINE. It's all rather ... puzzling. I suppose there are just some humps we'll have to hurdle as we get better at learning what he's capable of doing. He's only once or twice looked at me and said he needs to go potty. Mostly he walks himself over to the potty and sits and goes. Otherwise he says he wet himself. Those seem to be our options. But the once or twice he's said something first, he's made it to the potty in time, and he's been very proud of himself. :D YAY LITTLE DUDE!!!

JAC is still ill, but no longer puking - this is GOOD!

Ori decided he hates the kid corner for good and real. I'm giving it one more good week, and then I'm getting my $$ back. It's so not worth it. I'd rather get up early or go in the evening when JAC is around and I can drive over to Planet Fitness or something. It'll save us about 900$, so I'm not going to complain! It would be NICE if the kid would figure out how to chill out in the kiddie section of life though. They have a TON of great toys, the place is new, so it's clean and the carpets are nice. There are tumbling mats and a slide and tunnel - really it's VERY nice! Hopefully he'll get better about being there, but so far he hasn't given me any real time to work out unless Beca is in there with him (which is against the rules).

Ken and Di are off on their mini-vaca to Long Beach today! Have fun guys!!!

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