Monday, September 24, 2007


While I can remember some of these...
In honor of him learning to use the potty: "Mama - I have to poopie and I needs a magzine."

(Looking at an anthill) "That not my house." (now points to his house) "THAT my house!"

(Rubbing my back while sharing my chair at the computer) "Mama's big butt back."

(while recovering from whacking the dog on his noggin, shaking out his hand) "No I don't hit!"

(morning ritual) Beca school, Daddy Work, Ori house, Zami House, Mama Ori Zami. (Somehow I understand this - everyone is where they belong.)

"Mama, Ori not go sleep, I too small."

If I think of more I'll add them...he's had some spectacular moments these last few weeks. Tonight he was having a hard time falling asleep (napping from 4-6pm will do that!), so he got himself up, went into the bathroom, poured a cup of water, brought it back to his bedroom (I caught up with him on his way into the hall from the bathroom), had a good long draught, licked his lips and sighed, placed it on the bedside table and climbed into bed. "Not thirsty now mama" he says, and purses his lips for a night night kiss. Again.

Today was his first real day wearing trainers. He mostly went nakey butt while we were at home. No accidents at home, but he did wet 2 pr. of trainers (no big deal!). While we were out walking Zami this afternoon, we stopped in to tell Nesh the BIG NEWS, and he says to her "I got big pants on!" and she looks, and he has his little jeans shorts on, nothing unusual. So I suggested he show her what's underneath (bing! she got it at that point) but he crosses his arms over his chest and walks away saying "I too big in big boy pants!"

I am so lucky to have his spirit in my world!!! I am feeling very grateful...

Poor JAC isn't - he's been feeling puky since about 1pm. So we had to say no to hosting a Hatian boy from the boys Choir who are visiting WHMS for the night/day tomorrow. Hopefully they have a great time and everyone does fine w/out our extra bed. It did get me to clean up the house, today, though!

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