Monday, September 17, 2007

Wanting to renew things

I renewed my YMCA membership last week. I've been once. He hated it. Well, he liked it for about 1/2 hr. then he hated it. I sure hope he likes it more this week! My goal: 2-3 times every week, for at least an hour. Also walking 2-3 times a week on alternate days with the weights.

When we go down to FLA in Feb., JAC and I want to renew our vows. I've found someone who can do it, and will do it OUR way, which is very cool. If Heidi has someone she really loves, we would be fine using them, too. I am thinking I will order cake (dairy free, small), flowers (small), and maybe a photographer. Again, if Heidi knows people who want to do these things, I would be happy to support them in the pursuit of their interests!

Now...I'd love to find THIS dress in my size somewhere...I wonder if I can figure out where she got it?

In the meantime, Beca's year has kicked off nicely. Will I revisit the band scene? She has decided she'd like to play the flute. Because it's easy to stick in a backpack. Hmmmmm...

JAC is in full fall swing at the office, wrapping up the summer projects, crunching data, and starting to figure out where the next round of $$ will come from.

We are in Girl Scout heaven, well, I am in Girl Scout heaven, not having to lead meetings or organize anything! YAY!!! I will organize the spring campout, although not sure whether this will be just our troop - all 4th grade troops - the SU197...lots of options. So still thinking that one through.

And Ori starts his classes this week to! Revisiting the library tots program is wild for me. I'm looking forward to it! This time around he's with me in the little room. In Jan, he'll maybe be able to go by himself! WOW! His first real experience all by himself with other kids. Should be interesting!

Time to revisit lunch here, before my little fella gets too cranky. :D

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