Friday, May 02, 2008

Gimping along

The third person on our block is now on crutches. First it was the girl from the quiet family with no name (I'm sure they have a name, perhaps it's glitterwings...we can call them glitterwings, since we don't know their name). They are a middle aged couple w/kids (how many, unknown from here) grown and in college (both). Their college age daughter is now home, and on crutches. She's looking at 8 weeks in a cast plus months of physio. Even after speaking with her, I have no idea what their name is or what their family consists of. They seem nice.

One of the Shumanite boys (Jeremy? Josh?) is on crutches, broke his ... something in his leg. or foot. He's getting rides (since the bus is a nightmare on crutches, this I know from personal experience) from his older sister, who I'm sure is thrilled to do this for him. She's actually totally a sweetie, and a good scout at heart, so I'm sure she isn't going to complain at all. And if it's the older boy, he's also in HS, so not much of a change for her in terms of timing. I'm going to guess he'll be out through the end of June, as well.

And now for victim #3. JAC. He jumped off a boat yesterday in Long Island, thinking the shore was firm, and it weren't, and he was wrenched forward and then back, and his knee was back up on the boat still. It's swollen to the size of a goodly pumpkin, and he's grunting and moaning quite a lot. And he's completely spastic on crutches (you'd think this guy never used crutches before, but he's had several surgeries and injuries requiring them, so he's really got no excuses).

Overall he's being a good sport. He's off the pain meds so far, though probably later today he'll need one to nap (while I get O out of the house for a few hrs. to Ilana's). Hopefully this is NOT a 8 week adventure in lameitude. I'm going to shoot for 10 days with LOTS of arnica.

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