Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day weekend update

I want to start with this, because it's so wonderful. There are a lot of these kind of links around, this one uses some reggae music, which is always so empowering lol! It's about 6 min, so if that's too long for you right now, feel free to skip it for the moment. I'll leave the linkee up for you. ;-)

Next on to congratulations to my friends Heidi and Martin and Iris, for their impending move to Sweden!! They are taking a leap of faith in many ways, but pictures of their adventure (including their new home!) are so enticing, I can certainly see how they'd flee our flailing economy, poor political arena, and lagging health care system to go catch babies and explore in Sweden! CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm starting a savings account to come visit, guys!

And now on to JAC and his progress. Well, I haven't posted much because there isn't much to post. The surgery was Friday, and it went as well as could be expected, said the Dr. who did the surgery (Czajka - pronounced CHAI-KA). There was a lot of blood and tissue he had to flush from the wound site, and he had to snip a bit more of the muscle to get a clean attachment, but no other complications, which is VERY good. JAC was in pretty good spirits, and we got home w/out too much fuss. On the drive home we stopped and got his prescriptions (Lortab), which was a good move. They'd told us he would have the femeral nerve block on for about 18-24 hrs., but by 9pm (just about 12 hrs.) he was feeling the leg, and by midnight was writhing in pain (even with the Lortab!). I gave him some at 12 and more at 3am, and then more at 7am. He made it through the night w/out much sleep (actually we neither of us slept much - and Ori woke up 3x as well, once with a fully wet pull up that wet the bed, so a changing of the sheets was happening at about 4am), and slept away much of Sat. I took the kids out as much as I could, checking in on him every 2-3 hrs.

One of our stops was to the new Eagle Elementary (our new home school), which had O's new obsession - a bouncy bounce! The school looks ... nice, I suppose. It's as industrial and school-like as any school I've ever been in. It does have a nice music room (tho who knows when that'll get nixxed from the curriculum?), and one big cafeterium with a stage. The classrooms are ok, the little kids ones (K-2) will all have bathrooms inside the class, and the older ones (3-5) have hallway bathrooms. They are painting the halls a kind of avocado green and a light brown color (one on one wall, the other on the other wall), and alternated those colors for the classrooms, so they are either green or brown. There is a big backyard area, where the playground will go - and there's still lots of running around room, too! So all in all a good experience. NOT, however, convincing me that it's better than Montessori. ;-)

On Sunday Beca and I went to Choices and donated 10" apiece to Locks of Love. I have yet to upload pictures, those shall come. Rebecca looks absolutely adorable in her new bob. My cut is typical for me, and I like it. Choices gives free haircuts if you donate through them (they don't get any kickback, but they do get to accrue total hair collected and they get some kind of recognition for that), and they gave us both cute cuts. They did sell me on the curl maximizer (roll your eyes, I did!).

Me After:
My after

Sunday, Mother's Day, JAC was still unable to leave the bed for more than a bathroom visit. Overall he's not taking the Lortab (after puking up Sunday morning - a nice 5am wake-up call for me!), though I am not sure that's a better plan. He isn't eating much, a bit of soup or cereal every day is about all, but he's drinking water and tea, so I won't push too hard. No food, no lortab, though. I was hoping today he'd be able to make it down stairs... in fact it's nearly 8am now, and time to go check on him. The clinic has already called and asked me to get him up on those crutches and given me the go-ahead to saran wrap his leg so he can take a bath. He's a teency bit smelly!

Before I sign off, I thought I'd mention that I got to watch Juno last night, and I LOVED it! I love the characters - the disgruntled but loving father, the slightly nutty and anxious adoptive mom, the wonderfully quirky 16 yo girl, and her gangly guitar playing boyfriend. And yk what, all the supporting actors were wonderful too! His mom, the ultrasound tech, the step mom, they were all perfectly cast and wonderfully acted. The story line was fun, heavy but not too heavy, and full of learning curves for everyone! Well done, Juno crew and cast!

I hope all you moms had a fabulous day - or at least a better day than mine (which was still better than JAC's!). Prayers to mother earth...

Gratutious pic of my gorgeous babies:
The love

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