Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Iiiiiii Love a Parade

Being in a parade is such an experience, different from watching one in some very powerful ways. Firstly, watching a parade is the stuff of spectator sport. Like watching ping pong, or tennis, your neck cranes this way or that, w/out ever really getting anything more than a subtle satisfaction that you got to see that amazing play, or save, or rebound. Watching the people in the parade who march, giggle, toss candy to children, and wave (yes, oh yes, lots of waving!), play instruments, give karate demonstrations, drive miniature cars, firetrucks, and soapbox derby cars is fun. But BEING in a parade, it's a whole nuther kind of butter!

Beca has always been in the parade. This year, when we got home, she said she'd rather watch next year (and get candy), 'cause everyone else always gets to be aspectator and get lots of candy. I told her we'd talk about it next year.

Meanwhile, Ori got to be in it for the first time this year!

He had a wonderful time eating candy, gave out bunches to both old and young, and sat in the wagon and waved waved waved. At one point he started to cry, and I picked him up and asked 'what's going on?' and he said "my arm is so tired!" "from waving?" "yes, mama. From too much waving!" So, with permission to ride and NOT wave, he was happily back in the wagon and chomping on his candy necklace.

Ah - here is the honor guard (seen from the back, unfortunately). Senator Breslin, our town supervisor, and a sprinkling of other dignitaries, as well as some local cops. Thanks for showing up, fellas! It was cool to have someone respect our walk (although the crowd appreciates it, I'm not sure the word respect would have crossed their minds.), wave us 'done' and just be there for all the kids to ogle and awe at.

And yes, note that gas is WAY more than the national average of $3.91. And has been for a while.

Ahhh, I love a little town pride!

These guys are my very fave. To me, they represent 250+ years of Americana. They are proud and strong (gotta be to wear those costumes in 80 degree weather!), but not boastful, loud w/out being noisome. I love fifes, just really love them. Can't play one, but love to listen (same goes for bagpipes).So to me, seeing some old guys drive little cars, listening to the fife, tossing around some candy, and lots of waving is a successful parade. Memorializtion? Not much, but I respect the pomp and appreciate the circumstance.

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