Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tearing it up

JAC tore the major muscle group (quadricep) from the meniscus. He will go in on Friday to have it repaired. The repair is outpatient, about 2 hrs. of surgery. They will go in, slice down the torn edge of the soft tissue so that they have a clean edge for healing purposes, take some thick (1:1,000,000) thread and sew the end into some holes that they will drill through his meniscus. After 6 hrs. in the orthopedics chamber today, we have all the pictures they could possibly want for now, plus some x-rays that seemed extraneous (and rather painful). Tomorrow he goes in for pre-op tests, and hopefully we'll find out what time on Friday he'll go into OR. Since Beca has no school anyway, it's not a big deal when, but earlier would be better, as hopefully she has a game to get to at 6pm. If she goes, I can drop her off at Theresa's, to be picked up by Peg, and she can sleep over at Mackenna's. Then JAC, O and I will have a quiet night, and she'll have fun with Mac. She was very torn up about his surgery, his injury, etc. Hopefully by Sat. he'll be feeling better enough to be on his own for a few hrs. so I can take O and go to B's Saturday game. If not, well, I'll work it out...

On a better note, Beca got a single, a double, and scored a run today at her game! YAY BECA!!!

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Karen said...

GB had a similar sounding injury some time ago and our friend Lena just had knee surgery.
Goood luck JAC!