Thursday, May 29, 2008

Food balance

I've been trying to make sense of my addiction to sweets lately. I know that it is partly coming from losing a bunch of fat because I'm not eating meat anymore. And I know that there is more to being pre-diabetic than eating jelly beans. So I'm going to try to journal my eating for 1 week (Friday to Friday) and see what happens. Honestly, I think I eat pretty well, other than the night time smackeral.

So in my search to figure this out, this is the best guide I've come up with online to help me figure out what I should be eating (and to best give my kids a balanced diet).

It's technically vegan, which I'm not (because we eat eggs, and Beca eats dairy, to boot!), but it doesn't count meat as a protein, and it doesn't depend on dairy for calcium. This is what I was searching for.

Tonight I prepped a totally yumm stir fry w/Quorn bits, including a full head of kale, 1/4 head of cabbage, carrots, onions, garlic, and spices. EVERYONE munched it right down.

Tomorrow I'm going to make challah bread and a very basic Minestrone soup. I have tons to put in it, shells, peas, Great Northern beans, black beans, spinach, loads of tomatoes, and I'll have to run to the store and get some fruit for the cast party tomorrow night anyway, so I'll get some asparagus (really ticks me off that I have to drive 7 extra miles (20 min!) to get fresh organic asparagus, when it's ripe and ready but all the supermarkets carry is frozen organic (at 4.99 a bag!), or fresh conventional - and not even from local farms!).

Maybe this weekend I'll do another Shepard's pie, the last one was pretty well received. I think making them a bit smaller, tastier (not necessarily spicier though!), and with fresh bread will help us get more accustomed to them. Then on Sunday maybe something with the last of the veggies, so that on Monday I can justify going to the co-op for fresh veg!

Three more weeks until our CSA starts! I am really seriously looking forward to it!

Beca's The Tempest was wonderful today ... the 1/2 that I got to see! Hayley is Caliban in her performance, and she was so convincing that she scared Ori, so we left Act 3 Scene 3. Oh well - it leaves something to look forward to for tomorrow, since I get to go back again for the 2nd performance (and chaperon the cast party). The kids did a great job w/their lines (mostly), the costumes were totally great (pics tomorrow), and the props were excellent! Now if they'd just learn to slow down and enunciate...

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