Sunday, May 25, 2008

May MBOY and maybe a little more...

May is nearly over, and I FINALLY got around to dyeing my BFL yarn (from that coop so many moons ago) that I have wanted to do ooooh, probably since I got the darned stuff! It's beautiful yarn, very soft and a nice tight twist, singly ply but thickly stranded. Mmmmm. So I broke out the kool-ade and attempted to do a two tone UN pink red, but no luck. Perhaps strawberry gives a better red? I stuck this stuff in the cherry for over 4 hours! Here's the stew:

And here's a hank drying (note: after stewing for 4+ hours, the color was NOT what I was intending, but most of the beautiful buttery yellow is now gone...sigh):

And HERE'S the teaser pic of the ball!

Overall, I'm happy with the yarn, I do wish it had turned out a much deeper red - but perhaps the recipient wanted a lighter color? Or the Universe wanted her to have a lighter color? I had a lot of fun picking little goodies to go inside, some showing more obviously than others. At the core of this ball is something veeeery special, locally made, and totally delish. :D

So having gotten all that together (sans the Spring ed. of Interweave Knits which has slipped from my grasp - so tomorrow (after the parade) I shall endeavor to find it), I was feeling completely entitled to opening MY incoming Mboy! I am SO glad I did! Aside from the new sock dpn's, the foot balm, the lip and knitter's balms, the mini soap, and the awesome little card, I got a knitting bag (a small, wrist bag hand made to tote a single skein/ball of yarn around, instead of the whole kit and kaboodle I have trouble with!) and a ball of the MOST gorgeous Blckberry Ridge Mill yarn. I am SO excited to do something wonderful with it! My FAVORITE colors!!! Thank you ~Megan~!!

And as usual, a gratutious pic of at least one of my babies.

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