Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Falling behind...

I will NOT feel guilty, but I have been hoping to update more often, especially because we are trying SO MANY wonderful new recipes for us! Big into frittatas lately, tonight I made one with zucchini, tomato, spinach, onion, garlic, potato and topped it in the oven with Parmesan and Romano cheeses (both very low in lactose). The kids each ate 1/4th of a 10" skillet! So did I, so did JAC, and voila - gone in an instant. I also made delicioso currant scones today, and choc. chip multi-grain flax muffins yesterday. Those turned out kinda dry - I might add applesauce next time to lighten/moisten them up.

Lunches have been varried and fun! I can't WAIT to get the bento stuff - should be coming any moment!!! (Still waiting for my Miazaki films, too, drat it.) It's been really fun putting stuff together for her - and seeing what goes lol! She said the matzah was stale today (though it was from a new box), but she licked clean the sesame butter and honey I slathered on there. Yesterday everything went, but that's a no-brainer. I popped in a generous serving of the baked eggplant ziti I made for the bbq at the Nugents on Sunday, and she gobbled it right up. Wednesdays and Thursdays are a bit harder - the good leftovers are gone, and we've already used up a lot of the snack stuff I have. I won't get to the HFS until Thursday day, which is sort of useless in terms of lunches for her because she gets pizza on Fridays. So onward we struggle, looking for variety and something to liven up her days, nutritious and edible, and not too weird. I still have yet to get into making the rice balls, but sometime soon ... maybe on Friday since we're going over to the new (not new, but newly not dead) mall to meet Lori and Brige for a coffee and a walk about. Kinda lame, but there's Starbucks, bookstore, playspace, and a bunch of options for Brige who has to find a Holy Communion gift for a girl.

In other news - I made it through my first race in THIRTY ONE (yes, 31) years. The last race was a 1 mile race at the Larchmont Temple Picnic in 1977. I was 10 and came in ... somewhere in the middle. This was a 5k for Darfur, and I ran a bit, mostly fast walked it, and came in ... somewhere in the middle. !!! I was shooting for 37 min., but then I forgot to change my shoes before we left and had to do it in my craptastic mocs, which I am SURE added 3 min or more to my time. ;) Since then I've gotten up at 6:30ish to do 40+ min. walks with Zami, and I am LOVING it. The down side is that when I get up, Ori gets up. He's been a major crankpot (yesterday was his worst day EVER - I think he cried for over an hour total crying time, in about 6 different meltdowns throughout the day). Tonight B and J are at a Softball game (hit it outta the park, girl!) and I got O to bed after a bath by 7:09. I'm really hoping that his getting up early means he will go to bed early...though how this will happen when she is home and he wants to be part of the action I really do not know. Tonight was nice and quiet, and he had all the stuffies on his bed (Fred the Frog, Honey the Bear, Zippy the doll, the naked boy with no name, Peter Rabbit, and DW). I may not be able to find him later! He's probably got himself wrapped up in all the blankies, pillows and stuffies, but he's been asleep for a loooong time (it's 7:45 now).

Speaking of which, nearly time for the girl to return. I shall endeavor to tidy the kitchen and make her a snack of chips and salsa. I find that when they eat early (before 5) they are much much happier, but they do need a snack around 8 (she does, anyway).

Loads of photies, recently, but not enough time to play with them, so nothing to update there.

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BellaBabe said...

Sounds like you have been having fun! I SO need to start walking again. The frittata sounds delish