Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My time...

I had three whole, uninterrupted, very blissful hours at Borders this weekend. It was the one in MSG, or maybe it's Penn Plaza, but anyway, it was FABULOUS. I looked through LOADS of books I'd had my eye on, eliminated many that look great online but book in hand, not so fabulous. ;P And I just enjoyed enjoyed enjoyed the time OFF. The chaperoning of the girls was tiring, though uneventful. We left Hastings with 9 girls, and ended up in the village with 9 girls. YAY! B had a good time at the sleepover, which is great, and I think Liana had a good birthday overall, which is what it's all about! It was really great to have some me time in it all - including sleeping blissfully alone and having a shower just as long as I felt like being in there, not shutting it off mid-shampoo to answer to the cries of MOOOOOOOOM! Wonderful...

And then there is this little ditty, which I've kind of been ignoring.

1. What was your biggest challenge this past week?
2. What was your biggest accomplishment this past week?
3. What was the most exciting thing that happened in your life this past week?
4. What one thing made you the happiest this past week?

the week isn't over, so perhaps I'll go mid-week to mid-week...not sure that makes a bit of difference.

1. My biggest challenges this week include remembering to take my new liver toner pills from Dr. Masterson (which took me a week to pick up), to stay motivated about exercise at least 4 days a week, and to just pass up the junk. My weak spot all week - dark chocolate covered raisins.

2. Biggest accomplishment...hmmm...not losing any of the girls was very good. Getting the SU meeting organized w/T and led through was good too. Taking Beca and Orin to the new preschool - good. Not spending too much $ in NYC - VERY good. I don't think that counts as an accomplishment though. Perhaps my biggest accomplishment was doing my treasure map this week. It felt GREAT! Still waiting for the glitter glue to dry. :D

3. The most exciting thing? I guess having some time to myself in NYC was it - can't say I used it super efficiently, but it was great to be in the most exciting city in the WORLD!

4. What made me the happiest? The times that Ori made it to the loo before unleashing the river in his pants, VERY happy. Seeing Beca navigate the wild and wiley waters of pre-adolescence both in school and amongst her Westchester peers - VERY happy! Practicing pop flies with B was fun too! It was a rather happy week all in all!

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