Saturday, April 05, 2008

Not allowed to tell...

At the library the other day, I found The Period Book, which I gotta say was really cool. I looked through it a lot, and I think I'll get it for Beca soon. What I'm not supposed to tell is *related* to that...maybe I'll try to do this using a TWEENER (I am getting a belly laugh thinking how appropriate that term is!) from our Cranium game...

it's bigger than a tube top, smaller than a corset.
it's bigger than a nipple ring, smaller than a titsling.
it's bigger than ... have you guessed?

Did I mention it is for B, who is almost 10? And she wouldn't shop for it, even though I found it at The Limited Too, which is Tween shop CENTRAL. So she also got some cami's and new leggings and two new cool shirts. :D My little girl is REALLY growing up - I can see it in the changes in her bone structure in her face, the words, the attitude, the body, the activities. Last night she had a birthday party that went till almost 9pm, and today we drive down to Westchester for Liana's 10th birthday. Jeckyl and Hyde's, then a sleepover in Manhattan. Good grief... I'm only grateful that Beca has basically NO competitive bone in her body.

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