Saturday, April 28, 2007


For my 40th Birthday, Jerry and I treated me to 48 hours of Kripalu bliss. I arrived at 3:30 on Sunday, the 22nd April, checked in, dropped my stuff in my room, a small dorm with 3 other women, and then waltzed off to have an ayruvedic massage. Wowza - it brought out a TON of stuff for me, and really cleared up a bunch of ongoing minor things - an infection in my gums, a bit of lower back ache, that kind of stuff. It was truly wonderful. It ended with a full body clay mask, which absorbed most of the toxic stuff she worked out of me. That night I did an intentional collage, with my body and my book as the centerpieces. VERY powerful.

Monday I had Aaaaaaall day there! It was so great to know I had hours and hours of ME time! I haven't felt that free and unfettered in years and years. I realized my last 'real' vacation was when I went to Hawai'i with Nick...SEVENTEEN years ago! Holy cow. I did some great walks, had wonderful food, and did a core transformational session, which again, was very emotionally powerful. A lot of emtional issues bubbled to the surface, and were treated with respect and nurtured. I felt quite drained after that, and glad of a nourishing and delicious supper afterward. That night I was part of a wonderful and invigorating drum circle. YAY for drumming!!!

I made a terrific friend there - Alyssa Kapelas. She admins a Kundalini Yoga studio on 39th between 4th and 5th! How amazing is THAT!? We collaged, drummed, and yoga'd together. We chatted, shared, and really enjoyed meeting and getting to know one another. I feel honored to have shared my time there with her! Hopefully we will see her again in NYC and also at the Gathering of the Vibes!

Tuesday was day of departure for me. Sigh. HARD to leave that place, I tell ya! I woke to a sauna and whirlpool, which was such a great way to start the day! I walked the labrinth, hiked a little, and ended my time at Kripalu with a relaxing hot stone massage. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Here are some photos from my walks and of Alyssa at the labrinth.

I got some great writing done, work on chapter 2 that has been 'stuck' for quite a while, and did a vigorous pole hike that left me quite breathless, but happy. Overall, I am so grateful to Jerry for being on call for that 48 hours, and feel very blessed to have had this incredible experience.

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