Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Me on my 40th Birthday

I had a really wonderful 40th birthday! 10 yrs ago JAC and I were eating in the Dop n Dut hotel with Geoffy and D'Arcy...getting quite liquored and having a BLAST! Ahhhh - the memories... this year? JAC was still recovering from an awful chest cold, but we made dinner together, and I had a really nice day. Ori took a longer than normal nap, Beca was sweet all day, left me messages around the house and was just such a doll! We found a choc. chip cookie cake, and got fancy candles, and with a nice dinner, it was a worthy celebration!

Eating Cake!

Ori sang me Happy Birthday -about 400 times! Jerry and Ori made it to the Mac Store and found me some fun gadgets for my iPod, which came in very handy for the BILLY JOEL concert Beca and I went to last night! WOW!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! We had SUCH fun together, munching pretzels and dancing. It was a wonderful very full crowd, with such nice people, everyone was super friendly and we had such a great time! I got most of it on my iPod, too bad no audio links here (that I know how to do lol!). I've been listening to it over and over haha! I really had a great time. I got calls from a lot of people, Tasha and Loreena, Diane, David, and Dad, and emails from Wendy and Norbert and others, too. THANKS everyone!!! Thanks, for making me feel so special and loved. :D :D :D

Here's a cute vid of Ori. :D

Now for more news! A few weeks ago, Beca and I put together a little story - she wrote and illustrated it, I typed it and scanned in the pictures. We sent it off to the Reading Rainbow young writer's and illustrator's contest, which is in two parts: national level and local level. I'm not actually sure how it works, I'll have to look into it more closely, but Beca received the news today that she won 3rd prize for her story at the local level! 191 children in 3rd grade were competing for 4 prizes, we are very proud of her to have completed the story and drawn all the pictures! I wonder...can I get the story on here? Hmmm...I'll try!

Beca's story is here, but I don't know if people will be able to see it...I kinda think not. I'll have to find a better place to store it online.

Ok, so I've taken my 3rd aikido class, and I'm really digging it. I think I get more out of the class than just exercise! I walk outta there feeling like I CAN DO IT! Which is such a great uplifting feeling! Now I have to figure out how to feel this wonderful and get to bed before 2am!

Ori is going to start in training pants pretty soon, mostly because he makes such a fuss over getting his diapers changed, that maybe letting him actually get wet will make some impact on him. Mostly he wants to be naked AND not have to put pees or poop sin the potty. Hmmmm...kinda not working for everyone ELSE around here! Other than Zami who ALSO thinks that would be cool. Sigh. Anyway, I've got some Little Rain Dancers, ImseVimse and Bots on order, so hopefully he's a fish and takes to this like water! Now, time to sell diapers! Woop!

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Karen said...

I'm glad your birthday was so fun!

And AWESOME AWESOME for Beca!!!!!! Did you post this on deadfrog? Did I miss it? It's really great!