Monday, April 02, 2007

Free Therapy

We spent all day yesterday with the Sasloff's to celebrate Liana's birthday with them - what a great day! We didn't go anywhere exciting (other than a great hibachi dinner!), we didn't build or invent or perfect anything, but we sure did enjoy everything! Jackie and I spent a whole hour in the LYS, and I picked out some new rosewood circulars and 4 skeins of gorgeous yarn! Jackie gave me the yarn for my birthday, and I got the needles for myself. What a treat! I'm working Beca's new ditty bag on them now, and with the new purple yarn that is 20% alpaca 80% lambswool, it's AWESOME to knit! I have frogged this particular pattern so many times I can knit the start of it in my sleep now - so moving on is feeling great!

Today I got a super nice long call from T, too! What a bonanza on friendship reconnects! We yakked like we were drinking coffee with time to spare - a lot about her amazing recent triathalon and all the training she did to get through it no sweat. I've been really looking into the next phase of me, and am sure that what I really want for myself is to just let go of the impatience that seems to plague so much of my life. For me, working towards a goal is one way to do this, so I am setting myself some more concrete goals:

1. Finish all the odd chapters before end of school (June 15).
2. Draft out the even chapters before end of summer.
3. Finish 2 knitting projects for B to take to camp
4. Shorties for Ori.
5. Build some muscle mass in my stomach and quit overindulging in comfort food.
6. Get my teeth done (cavaties are not a great thing to live with, ugh!).
7. Make 2 food items for the play kitchen (cupcakes and pears, probably).

So those are my goals! If I can lose 20 or 30 lbs, that's good too! I'm not setting it as a goal because what I really WANT is to be FIT, not skinny.

In other parts of my world, I reconnected with Lauralee! She showed up at the HWFC, and though we hadn't seen each other in nearly 3 years (since my first year here) and she'd lived for most of that time on the West coast, we really fell right back into friendship! She has a little 1 yo named Emerson, who has the world's chubbiest cheeks! What a cutie! It's great to see her, and more of her will be awesome!

Carolyn is STILL pregnant! Ok, not impatient here, but the poor girl could use all the birthy vibes you may have to spare for her! Her in-laws arrived from England last Friday, so I think they'd like to actually MEET their new grandbaby before they have to leave again!

Although I missed the Mom's meeting where they made Mamergency boxes, I've put my own together! Here's what's in it (right now in a shoe box, but I will decorate it some day soon):

1. 3 dark chocolates
2. pictures, photo squares and some fun paper and scissors.
3. Some cards with ideas for exercises on them.
4. a brand new necklace of turquoise stone pendant on a simple setting with a hemp thread. NICE!
5. A hokey but not unuseful meditation books for new moms. Still reminds me of those long dark days, and in reminding, I feel blessed to have THIS life. :D

I think there are 1 or 2 other little things (stain pen, lipstick), but if you think of something that belongs there that I didn't mention, feel free to let me know! It's just a little space where - when things get to their inevitable boiling point - I have a bit of solace almost instantly, and it's not something that requires a lot of time. A little gift, a bite of chocolate (small squares, nothing huge), or some exercise are all ways I do feel better. Sometimes putting on a bit of makeup when I'm still in sweats makes me feel better. Go ahead, make one for yourself! For me, thinking of the things that do make me feel better was a bit of free therapy on it's own!

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Tasha said...

I love the Mamergency box idea. I'm already making a mental list of what goes in mine :)