Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The soul adventure

I find myself at dirt road crossings
To find my dreams and answers
Explore the world, find where my skin
Is more than mine alone

Off to Africa's woodlands deep, to hike amongst the lions
To New Zealand's mountains crag, dash through water's roil.
To Canada where rain whips wind, loneliness is prairie wide
Then a journey where I multiply, patient strength expands

So they grow, as day turns night, and leave me lost behind
On this next adventure I must vanish, or contract, my soul subside.
It's not about the numbers; our age is in our soul
Which has no age, no numbers tell, what the journey's next turn grants.

Current mood: contemplative


Tasha said...

As my philosophy sister quotes:
The lived life is worth examining

What a journey, hey?

spryngtree said...

Wow. Apparently knitting hasn't completely taken over your writing life. Thanks for sharing that.