Thursday, March 01, 2007

It's been a great week, so far. Tomorrow Beca's teachers are going to a big Montessori conference in NYC, so the kids have off. JAC has been out of town. We settled something that's been kind of hanging over my conscience for a long time - WHOM to godparent the children to! When it was just Beca, it made sense to ask Ken and Di. But with Ori, it doesn't make the same kind of sense. It's a huge relief to me to have asked Sheri, who will be a wonderful godmama.

I've been reading a lot of tarot recently. Brig and I had a lovely tea and read her tarot, though without a moments peace. Doorbell, phone, poopy diapers, and right at the end, Brent brought little R over. Life was great for about an hour, then O was melting and needed to nap. Beca came home before R got picked up, so honestly I didn't have 20 seconds to myself all day! But it was fun and passed the time nicely. JAC is home tonight, and B and I will go off to celebrate Brian's 41st. He feels like an old man, but he's in good shape, me thinks.

I am actually feeling much happier about life - the writing is moving...slowly but surely. Ok, more later...aikido and Brig and Brian call. :D

Current mood: uplifing

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