Friday, March 16, 2007


Go watch and read this, and then come back.

I dried my eyes not a moment ago, the incredible courage and persistent optimism of this family overwhelming my normally emotional response to such stimuli. And then the weight of so many many families with 'imperfectly perfect' children, the children who have MS, CF, MD, tumors and missing mitochondria. It's just incredible how you can forever encourage a person to dream, to live their fullest life, even when their glass - long shy of half full, has barely a drop or two of potential in it. How is it that I give myself permission to have my moody lows, to forget to write, to snap at my kids. I suppose, all in perspective, every single parent has these moments, regardless of how 'perfect' their children are. I let my guilt go, into the universe, and I hope that in its place comes peace, patience, and strength. I can't even think whether I would have to patience, the strength to do what they have done. I can't even get myself to lose the 20 lbs that would get JAC in to see a doctor! But I know that if I did have to, I would use the inspiration of this family, and so many others like them, to pave the path I would travel. And so I pass on their story. I hope it brings you some inspiration too.

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Karen said...

I clicked on the link but didn't read it because I have before.... and don't feel like getting all teary eyed. I remember seeing this man and son on TV when I was a kid, and was inspired then. They are AMAZING people.
True.... be thankful for what you have

oh, BTW, I never comment because I'm almost always reading while nursing.