Thursday, March 22, 2007

More pukies

The kids are sick here. Again. They were sick. They got better. They are now puking again. And running backwards, too. Poor Ori - he totally doesn't get that the food he keeps wanting to eat is what is coming up again an hour later. Sigh. Beca is sicker, more puke, more discomfort. I am SO ready for the nicer weather! Today it was almost 50F degrees, much more realistic for me. But there is still a foot or so of snow out there, and it was grey and rainy most of the afternoon.

JAC and I have some work to do in the weeks ahead. We both want to move back to the wet coast, but can't quite figure out HOW. HOW is exactly what we need to resolve, because w/out some kind of HOW we are stuck here, in the boiling summer icy winter East Coast. I love the spring and fall here, LOVE it, but really have no love of the equinoxal seasons. I want so badly to move back, I KNOW it's the best place for us all. I don't want to start JAC over, I don't want to push him into something he doesn't love. I want us to find a real niche - what and where are equally important.

I thinking of doing a 3 day/night stay at the Kripalu for This would be 3 nights, so JAC would have to take 2 days off work to make it happen - not sure whether it's worth the vacation days or not. Still debating. I think it would be a lot of fun, I'm just not 100% convinced it'll kick me off on the right foot - it's very nurturing and healing, but also self indulgent and maybe not the most 'work ethic' oriented start to my 4th decade of life. Hmmm...

Still taking lots of photos, and enjoying getting better at the camera and it's many functions. Flickr account is fun! Off to update there next. JAC has been out of town all week, so he's offered to put the kids to bed tonight, and although I was really hoping that Survivor would be on, but it's March Madness, so I guess it wasn't to be. Some down time is cool, though. Tonight was writer's group, but I really didn't know whether JAC would be home in time, so I sort of planned NOT and when he busted through the door at 5:30 - in plenty of time - I hadn't prepped anything for dinner, Beca wanted Tacqueria, we were still working on her History Fair project, and she wanted to go to Aikido at 6pm. It was nice, though, as Brige and Sarah were there and we had good chats.

Ori is talking well, and his vocabulary is growing exponentially. He's not eating well right now, but in general he's doing wonderfully. Beca has been working on her History Fair project on Marian Anderson. What a wonderful character to choose for her research! She has read lots, and remembers about 10%. I suppose that's where I was at her age, too, but it sure is frustrating to watch! I think in general she's doing super well, learning so much and enjoying her life tremendously.

I think that's enough yammering from me today! I'm off to update Flickr and maybe do some writing...

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Katherine said...

Horray for returning husbands!