Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter 2007

Happy Easter ya'll! We have a cold, snowy Easter here, lots of hibernating! JAC and I both have awful colds, sore throats, snotty drippy noses, and coughs. Waiting for the kids to drop from it - of course they'll wait till next week when JAC is away lol! So they did an indoor hunt today and found lots of big eggs, and got overflowing baskets! Paint sets and a pretty dress, chocolate bunnies and slinky's. LOTS to keep them busy, for about 6 minutes.

Thinking back to Ori's first and 2nd Easters, it's wonderful how much more he's into everything - and I do mean EVERYTHING - than he was then. Incredible how much these little people learn in their short time on earth! He 'found a egg mama!' lots of times, four to be exact. Pictures:

We did an indoor hunt this year - the weather was cold and windy outside, and we were all sick or getting sick with colds. Just made sense. Beca was a great sport - enjoyed the hunt and helped her brother open the eggs as he found them.

Mid-hunt goodie count!

Mid-hunt goodie tasting!


Rainbow stacker for Easter! Wow - this is one cool toy!

Beca in her Easter Dress, and the flowers my wonderful family found for me!

Renewal is an interesting theme for me, I seem to be willing to reinvent myself whenever I want to! I just will it and BOOM! My Earthly connection to the Universe slips slightly one way or another and there's the new ME! Right now, I've started Aikido, hoping to be able to follow through and LEARN it well. And my writing, and my knitting, these are all things that honestly have flourished in the past few years, some in less time than that! I seriously doubt I'll be running any tri-athlons any time, well, EVER, but getting some perspective on myself as I enter the 2nd half of my life is an eye-opener! Living for 40 years, loving it, really really loving it all, is just about the most wonderful gift I can ever give to myself. Now I look forward and into today, and I feel GREAT about who I am, and what I'm doing to be all that I am, all that I can be. So as I wait for spring to SPRING, it's a wonderful feeling to unfurl from myself and blossom into a new and even better me.

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Tasha said...

Glad to hear you went for Aikido. Hope you learn lots and have fun with it. I look forward to your easter pictures!