Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Visit to the Farm

Took the kids for a badly needed outing to Indian Ladder Farms on Monday April 9th - we were all on the verge of colds, or had colds, so I gotta say I felt BADLY about touching all the animals with sick germy hands, but we washed before AND after going into the shed, so hopefully none caught our toxic strain of common cold. The babies are so incredibly beautiful - serious baby lust over the baby LaMancha and baby Pygmie goats! Man, I want goats... Anyway, back in reality, we managed to have a great hour there, and then buzz home to full blown sickness. Poor JAC has been down with this awful cough for days and days. It really wracks his body. :( I am well enough today to brave driving to the other side of Albany to the BIG health food coop, and see if we can't get some better meds. HOPE for us!

Some gratuitous pics from the farm:

Ori enjoyed the chickens, said good bye to them for a loooong time.

Here's the adorable La Mancha baby goat. Awwwwww!

Beca enjoyed the goats too - they're very friendly.

Beca and Ori mug and smug and dripping lol!

One chick always has to be the boss of them all, eh!?

I'm knitting on the spiral ditty bag for beca now, using the awesome Filatura Di Crosa Tibet yarn Jackie bought me for my birthday! It's such a pleasure to knit with, a nice Z-yarn. :D Of course the fact that it's a beautuful eggplant purple doesn't hurt either! I'm almost finished with the body of the bag, and will start on the bottom next. It was harder than I'd thought because the pattern keeps changing, and I really had to stay on top of the movement of the stitches, or else the pattern doesn't look so swell. Not a knit and watch TV kind of pattern, oh well! I have some other projects in mind that may work better.

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Karen said...

looks like it was a FUN day. Too bad y'all came home so sick : (