Sunday, January 07, 2007

Post holiday festivities

30th December 2006 First Night Albany has been turned into Winterfest! Beca ran in the jingle jog again, which was a blast as usual. She made a little friend - Amanda - and enjoyed the run. After the awards ceremony, which we won nothing at, there were a ton of activities for us to enjoy.

This tall fellow made his way just about everywhere! This is across from City Hall.

These fellows were AMAZING on dual trampolines.

Ori conked out for an hour or so...good thing, too! He was awake for the important bits!

We saw a wonderful circus show, which gave all the children a chance to try out plate spinning, juggling, and devil sticks! Beca thoroughly loved that, and we ran into loads of WHMS and FUUSA folks there! WAHOO!

Plate Spinning

Devil Sticks

We had a BLAST at the Pillay's New Year party! JAC was busy dancing the night away, and Ori made it until 11pm! Beca was dragged home at 1:30am much against her will. We popped poppers, drank tooters, and ate like bandits all the goodies everyone brought.

Since then, JAC and have enjoyed some meals with friends, and at Brig and Brian's, JAC and I made a pact. When I lose 20lbs, he will go for a colonoscopy! So I'm more motivated than ever to get on the bandwagon and begin to drop some weight. Vernie and I are going to try to work together on this - she's joined the YMCA, which I am considering whether we should do again. I feel I need to get my motivation levels higher, begin the process without committing that much money. But if I do find myself truly motivated and losing weight w/out having a better place to go to support my efforts, then I would consider re-joining. I'm pretty disapointed with myself for having left off my efforts there last year.

So no promises, but my goal is 20lbs, and a lot toner in the next little while. I'm excited - the warm weather is a wonderful way to keep active, and I've started using some of the tapes I've collected over the years. Yoga, aerobics and kickboxing, to name a few! Since I started trading with other mamas online, I've gotten mysefl a bunch of these kinds of things. So - Cheers! Here's to a happy and healthy 2007!!!

Current mood: remnants of festive mixed with a pinch of wistful.

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