Saturday, January 20, 2007

Jan 20 2007 Ori's BIRTHDAY!!!

They sky shades broke through winter's cold, he turned two, and cried, "big cookie mama", we danced.

Oh I can hardly believe this day has arrived, my little babe turned toddler is TWO!!! The last time we'll ever have a baby here in this home that is OURS. The next one will likely be Beca's, and I hope that's a LOOOONG ways off. :D This morning he woke up and got to have first breakfasts, then opened up a gift. A remote controlled duckie!
The kids played with that for a while, then had second breakfasts, Daddy made french toast! Then another gift - a talking parrot! They have been highly entertained by these two gifts already.
Beca has an awful time doing her math work, which she has to finish in order to get to sleep over at Grandma and Poppy's later today, so we've broken up the hilarium team for the moment and getting chores done.

Here's his cake - mom made the cake, dad iced it. TEAMWORK! Later in the afternoon we went to grandma and poppy's time share near Jimminy Peak to have a little dinner party with them and celebrate our baby boy's birth day. I had a terrible cold all weekend long, it was not fun for me, but it was nice to get to celebrate his birthday, which would have been much downplayed if we'd stayed home.

Some gratutious pics of the birthday celebration:

The Berkshires - so starkly beautiful during these short winter days. Sunset was just before 4:30.

Mary enjoyed his magnetic maze as much as O did!

New trucks and a Thomas train from Grandma...he knew right what to do with THOSE!

BIDAY CAKE (also known as BIG COOKIE)

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