Sunday, January 07, 2007


So Karen and Kathy are both committed to 365 photos in the coming year. So here's my start to the year!

Jan 1 2007
The sous chef

Jan 2
Pretty boy!

Jan 3
Queen Mamatifa

Jan 4
Conehead Daddy

Jan 5

Ori found mamas hat at bedtime

Jan 6

Boys sharing the big chair

Jan 7

New living room set up

Jan 8
Today Ori learned how to open and close the scissors. He's been using them as 'rippers' mostly. He practiced for a long time (and created quite a lot of recycling for next week!) very patiently. My little baby is sure growing up!

Jan 9 see above for the full rendition

Because this will get archived at the end of the month (no matter how hard I cry), I've moved the project to flickr. I'll post that address later on, but thanks to everyone for checking in!


Karen said...

Awesome pics, Andy! I had totally forgotten about this blog, and it took me awhile to catch up.
I can't believe how much Orin has changed. My picture of him in my head is totally different. He looks so much like Beca- gorgeous children!

Tasha said...

How wonderful to see all these pictures and read your posts. I do miss you guys! Thanks for sharing :)

maryberklee said...

He looks adorable and at least a week older. Mom