Friday, January 26, 2007

It's cold out there...

It is truly cold outside - with the wind chill factor about -5F (-20.5C). Walking the dog seems more like getting tied to a post and horse whipped than enjoying a bit of exercise or lending the dog a bit of our time. Brrrrr! It's been such a busy 4 weeks, with 3 birthdays (not including our neighbor Laura's 6th on the 17th), chanukah, solstice, christmas, new years, our anniversary (if you didn't hear mention of that, it's beacause it probably wasn't mentioned haha!), and then all the normal run of the mill stuff - JAC out of town for 2 weeks, JAC sick, me sick, Ori sick, Beca's after school activities, even painting the bedroom (which begins this weekend). I feel like I need to breeeeeeeathe. I haven't worked seriously on my writing for weeks and weeks now, although I have been using the notebook and sketching out scenes. Productive, but not satisfying. I seem to be in a low tide emotionally, and having a good long look at why seems like too much work right now. I have little to complain about - truly I have NOTHING to complain about, but I can always find some thing that needs work lol - other than Jerry being sick so often. Poor fella just has had a terrible time of it these last 5 yrs, and it sure isn't getting any easier! I frequently worry about his cough, which is remarkably deep and painful sounding. Hopefully that means it's breaking up in there, and he'll be well again soon! Now it's a coin toss - who goes skiing tomorrow (in this frigid weather!) with Beca...I have a feeling I'm going to lose this one.

Frozen's bloody cold out there! All the snow is frozen, and the wind bites off your nose just before it freezes off your toes! BRRRRR!!

More than genetics link these two.

We got the new quilt this week, and have finally picked paints for the walls in the bedroom. Hopefully that will finish up this coming week. YAY! Something more than bare white walls at last!

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