Wednesday, January 10, 2007

lots of pictures!

Since I've been on the hunt for awesome pictures of our every day life, I have a LOT of pictures! Here are some that didn't make it into the flickr prjoect, but I love them for representing our life here on earth. The owies, the sourpusses, the blunders and food and love that we have and share.

My silly boy, he surely does love his bed! He just goofs and hangs out and reads and loooves this bed. He was born in it, maybe he knows this?

Wet wet morning. At least we could be living in Roberts Creek if all we're going to get ia a mild wet winter!

Our beloved Zami. He loves his hideaway bed under the counter. I worry, because the microwave is atop the counter, but JAC seems to feel he's in no danger. I sure hope not!

He doesn't laugh a LOT, but his laughter is just absolutely from the guts. A big deep chuckle that is far bigger than his not quite two year old self.

Comfort food to the MAX. Spaghetti bolonese. Even the babe knows this is the good stuff lol!

Feeling her oats, Beca tried to handle the fire in the backyard. Too bad it was SCORCHING hot. Lesson learned. Ouch!

my sweet angel made me an angel out of the dusting of snow this morning. There's something special about early morning angels.

O Cool. It burned bright and cold this morning, felt like WINTER!

Ori in the baber shop.

Shave and a haircut. TWO CENTS! (or twelve dollars plus tip lol)
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