Sunday, January 07, 2007

Chanusolstimas with a birthday thrown in for fun.

I can't believe how lax I've been here. Man o man. I deserve a squanking! Well, all thoughts of s&m aside, it's been a really fun and busy holiday season. We also had some really nice, and much needed, down time.

We started out the holidays with Chanukah, a fun and bright holiday for us. We spent the first night stuffing ourselves full of latkes and playing dreydle, exchanging gelt and lighting candles. The kids each got one gift each night, just to keep the excess to a minimum. Because we moved so much around this fall, we lost track of the Chanukias (the menorah deadicated to Chanukah) so Beca and I made a new one out of clay. It worked perfectly until JAC located ours.

Second night of Chanukah was the anual Sasloff Holiday Party, which was a ton of fun, as usual! We all got to meet little August Doria, who is just as cute as a baby could possibly be! What fun! It was great to see everyone! We missed Arty Barnes, but enjoyed the visit of the Chanukah Mensch, the champagne punch, the latkes, the social stim.

Chanukah finished up with wonderful presents from Poppy and Nana, fun stuff from JAC and I, and another round of latkes on night 7.

Solstice on the 21st waxed bright and clear. We had a small candle lighting ceremony, and each sent off our wishes for the new, growing season. It was much downplayed from last year, from what I had sort of hoped we might be able to put together. It was a busy week; last week of school, JAC in and out of town, Ori and Beca briefly sick (Beca missed the last day of school). So mostly we were grateful for good health, each other, a decent night of sleep.

Dec. 23 2006 We jumped in the car right after befest and drove straight to Manhattan. Mary's Birthday was fun! We went over to Bryant Park to see the skaters, ride the carousel, and check out the funky stalls of goodies (bought some deeeeelish chocolate santas and some fairy lights) and enjoyed the mild weather.

Mary, Beca, JAC and Ori at the skating rink

The carousel at Bryant Park

We enjoyed a few good NYC meals before everyone split up and did their night time activities. Beca, Mom and Mark went to see Alvin Ailey's wonderful composit performance. Beca had an awesome time, and Mom seemed to enjoy the performance, and her time w/her youngest child and oldest grandchild.

Beca and the Birthday Girl

Jerry and I went to see Erragon; fun, but mostly great to have some QT with my sweetie.

Dad and Ori hung out at the apartment. O not being in the mood for sleeping (huh?!) they played well together. The next day he was a bit grumpy, but it was worth it to have the 24th at home with JAC and the kids (for me anyway!).

Christmas eve day was nice and mellow. We got the gifts all wrapped after the kids went to bed, and stuffed them under our tree.

Christmas Tree 2006

Christmas morning brought excitement and enjoyment - the thrill of the search for the stocking (I was last this year!), and the excitement of discovery. Everyone got stuff they asked for, and some they didn't!

Ori enjoying the 'Stocking Experience'

Beca checking out a funky dinosaur

Christmas Day was spent delivering goodies to our neighbors, opening gifts, lazing around watching movies, and taking leisurly walks around the neighborhood. Oh, and PLAYING! We got fun games to play, clothes to try on, make-up to figure out, and tool boxes to fill! Yay for Christmas! It's like a big birthday that we all get to share! We had a lovely big ham for dinner with all the trimmings. JAC enjoyed it the most, I think, but we ALL had a very merry (if a bit rainy and NOT white) Christmas.

Beca got walkie talkies from Uncle Ken and Didi!

And Ori got a Bob the Builder tool belt and hard hat!

Orin in his new Red Dirt Shirt from Uncle Ken and Didi's trip to Hawaii

Santa left us with some 'bangers' - little clay balls that sparkle and POP when you bang them together. FUN!

Beca is always up for dress up stuff! And this chef's hat is just what our budding sous chef wanted!

Audrey Roes brought the children funny face books that Ori just LOOOVES!

JAC took off the 26th, Boxing Day, which gave him (and us all) a nice long 4 day break. All in all, we survived the Holiday season without a hitch, although it was all too short.

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