Monday, May 21, 2007

Wow - how did 2 weeks go by without a post from me?! Amazing.

Well, things here have been pretty busy - last weekend was the Brownie overnight at Camp Is-sho-da, which was really fun! It rained a lot on Sat., and was pretty ugly out there, wet and muddy. The girls went on a 1 hr. adventure to find marshmallow sticks, but otherwise we did indoor games and activities. We painted our nails, played games, and finally got ready for dinner. The circle games were a hoot - assassin, telephone etc. They really brought back memories for me of camp and scouts and fun times. some fun pics of the gals:

Having just arrived, in the rain, the girls did lots of activities together. For some, they had just met, and the got along famously!

That evening we had LOTS of songs and stories. Mary shared LOADS with us - what a wonderful camper mom!


Beca in her new kerchif - curtesy of troop 554!

The girls all helped out a ton - here they are happily washing dishes (truly!).

The girls went for a nice long hike in the morning. Here they are down by the lake.

We decided to build an inuksuk to leave behind for future campers at the cabin. An inuksuk is a small shrine made from rocks. It is meant to look like a little person. Our body rock was pretty fat- our person has a little weight loss challenge ahead of them! But there are two little round feet, a body (that is generally flat) and then a round stop on top. The gap between the body and the ground, made by the feet, is a perfect little spot to squirrel away messages. It is a traditional landmark made by people in the far north (arctic circle) and it translates as "something that acts as a human", meaning something (a landmark) that offers humans both direction and messages. Here's a BIG one from Rankin Inlet in Nunavut

and here's ours that the girls made:

Maybe not so impressive, but the girls did carry the rocks a mile or so, which were heavy and it was hard work for them. For a bunch of kids, they did a great job!

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annie said...

Fun! I love the little inuksuks. :)