Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Fat Rant

Just putting this up here - it's a youtube called A Fat Rant that is SO wonderful! I think it just puts into perspective the fact that a LOT of people can carry weight and not become unhealthy by it, but ok, some shouldn't. Some people are susceptible to things that being overweight can exacerbate, for sure. The world is just NOT made for fat people - or tall people, either. Another rant. Anyway, not stopping by for a long chat about this, but know that this vid made me smile, made me think, and made me feel ... happy. :D


laura said...

made me think too :)

spryngtree said...

Ooh that was great. I think she or someone else wrote this up a few years ago, I read something very similar in a fat postive magazine. But it packs so much more punch somehow in video form.