Thursday, May 10, 2007

Newly finished bag for Beca

So I decided that if my little girl is going off into the big world without me, which I suppose is inevitable, but does it have to happen NOW?, that she's not going without a LOT of me with her. So I knitted up the spiral bag from One Skein, in a delicious fuzzy purple that Jackie gave me for my b'day. All it needs now is a pull string. :D

The bag will go to camp with her, filled with all kinds of little things to give her comfort and remind her of us at home who love her to BITS!

I will take pictures of my stash soon - I have one more little lot of yarn coming from 100% Pure Wool, and that's the last of my buying spree for a while. I do love this habit! Now to re-start on JAC's tie in the electric-peacock-blue Bamboo that I love so much! Ori pulled out about half, and I decided the other half must go. 11" reworked is nuttin since it's so wonderful to knit! It's a tiny little yarn, but I am really appreciating the drape. It think he'll look smashing in it at his i'view in VICTORIA (ok, no interview yet, but someday there will be, and he WILL look smashing!).

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