Saturday, February 10, 2007

Working for a living

We've both, JAC and I, been working on the house. I've painted up the bedroom, almost finished now. And he's re-piped the upstairs pipes that go through the kitchen so that we can vent the stove outside. BIG job made bigger by recalcitrant pipes and even more reticent water in the pipes. So now we have these:
Which took two trips to the hardware store and many many hours, and a very sore thumb from swatting at things in frustration. Poor JAC. Although I got less done in the paint department, it was seriously less frustrating. I had kids only for a small part of it, while he had kids for nearly all his work, and I got to watch season two of Northern Exposure during mine. Part of the painting operation has included restructuring of the room, including setting up the dvd player we've had for several months (on sale at Best Buy just after x-mas) and clearing out a lot of garbage that hadn't seen light in 2 or more years. Clearly not going to be missed!

So although we'd paid for today, we didn't go skiing. B was disapointed, but I just did not want to commit to a whole day on the slopes when I'd already taken the room apart (but not put back together) and JAC had the pipes in disarray and no water in the whole house to deal with. So we skipped skiing and instead she played at Merishka's and did this:
Feeling a bit sad for herself, eh? Well, she mostly got away with not working on her math homework, and watching silly TV shows like the cooking channel and Real Simple on PBS. Poor thing. :P

Today was easier to live in the moment, harder to let the moments pass. My children are growing up and away before my eyes...

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