Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow what's happening!?

Well it's finally come our way...SNOW! It's wet and cold and gloriously white and fluffy. Ahhhh - the kids were out in it for hours today! Ori had a wonderful time, although he did get cranky eventually. The snow is deep enough that he really had trouble walking in it (the 47 layers didn't help much, either!), and when he fell he couldn't get up.
Beca was great with him, enjoying his wonderment. Then she and the other kids went off to play, without a second thought for the struggling little toddler down the road a ways, slow and red faced and whiney. So he and I blew snow. Our snow, road snow, the Reeds snow. Didn't matter much! We both enjoyed it. That was at about 12:30. By 4pm you couldn't tell it had been blown (or shovelled) and the drifts were above Ori's head! Yippeeee! Tomorrow I'll take him and Zami over to the round-about and see about some sledding. :D Other gratis snow pictures:

The first is at about noon, the second at about 4pm. It looks darker than it was in that picture. I used the flash (which made the light on the car reflect and seem as if it was on, but that truck hasn't been started since August!), and a high ASA, next time I'll try the night feature on the camera. D'oh!

Our meal planning is working wonderfully! I love this site, with all their recipes (I still use the internet and my own stuff too, but they have all the basics right there for me), and other tools for healthy eating. I think we eat mostly the same, but being able to look at the menu over a week, month etc. allows me to really see where we're deficient. I think we should be eating more fish than we do, right now it's about 1x/week, and I think twice a week would be better. Anyway, it's a lot of fun to use, and is helping keep me organized!

In other news, JAC sent me an email about a good job (for him) that is in Banff! Woohoo! We'd both really like to get back to Canada, perhaps a bit further west than Banff, but that's a really nice little town, and the skiing is phenomenal! If Beca shows any promise of improvement, it might be worth looking into ski team for her (although it's a LOT of schlepping!). Living somewhere there are lots of kids doing that might be more motivating for her. He hasn't applied, and I'm not sure he will, but it's a start, anyway! He's really quite happy with his position here, although I think he'd like to be doing more actual research than he is able to do right now. Hopefully he'll be able to slide more of that into his future schedule.

Lisa had a boy! We've all had fun lurking at DeadFrog waiting to hear. Once I heard there was a storm coming, I knew he'd be born. Such a baby thing to do! Get themselves born when no one can move their cars lol! Beautiful home birth, by the sounds of it.

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